Step 1: Bookmark This Page

Tap the action button at the center of the toolbar, then select Add Bookmark.

add bookmark

Take note of the name and bookmarks folder, then tap Save.

save bookmark

Step 2: Edit The Bookmark

Tap the bookmarks button at the toolbar.

open bookmarks

Tap Edit, then tap the bookmark you just added ("Open with Do...").

Hold your finger on the URL (e.g. until the magnify glass comes up. Drag your finger to the left and scroll all the way to the beginning.

edit bookmark start

Stop and position the cursor right before the "j" of "javascript". Delete everything to the left so that the URL starts with "javascript:". When you are done, your bookmark should look like this:

edit bookmark finish

Step 3: Using The Bookmarklet

The next time when you are browsing with Mobile Safari and find a file that you want to download, just tap the bookmarks button, and select "Open with Downloads".

open bookmarks